♥ Kate (sweetnessarose) wrote in fairfarren,
♥ Kate

Poem 001: the Siren

Name of Poem: "The Siren"
By: Katie
Rating: PG, some possibly disturbing images.

I am the siren that you fear.
My song enthralls you,
My beauty excites you;
And I can see by the way
You tug at your bonds
That you are you’re lost in lust
For my naked flesh.
I am the siren that calls you to the rocks
And takes your ship to the depths
And I’ll feast on
Your flesh and your bones.
Your screams for me will draw louder
As the ship you captain draws near.
And yet you pass me. My shrieks drown out yours.
Vengeance is my only solace.
I will find you, Odysseus, and I will take my revenge
And destroy you inside and out
For surviving my siren call.
Tags: freeverse, greek mythology, odysseus, poems, sirens

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